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Workers’ Compensation


Workers’ compensation issues are complex and challenging.

Generally, an employer that is subject to the Workers’ Compensation Act is liable for compensation to his employee for workplace injury, occupational disease, or death, without regard to the fault for the cause of the accident.  

Employees that are subject to the Act include, basically, everyone except those who are engaged in agriculture, domestic servants working less than 40 hours per week, and those who do maintenance, remodeling, repair, or similar work in the private home of an employer for not more than 20 consecutive days. Those persons covered under a federal compensation scheme such as FELA, the Jones Act, or the Long Shore Act are not covered by Kentucky’s Workers’ Compensation Act.

After an employee has been injured on the job, his employer’s general obligations under the Workers’ Compensation Act include the following: to secure payment of the employee’s medical bills and to secure payment of the required income benefits.  How do you as a business owner/operator comply with these requirements?  The best way: make sure that you obtain workers’ compensation insurance, pay your premiums, and stay in close contact with your insurance representatives, including your agent and your carrier’s adjusters.  Your business is still responsible for satisfaction of benefits under the Act even if it is uninsured.   If an injury results and you are uninsured, payment of your employee’s medical bills and income benefits can be a significant financial burden and an administrative nightmare.

The attorneys at Denton Law Firm provide counsel and defense for our clients’ workers’ compensation legal needs. We provide counsel and defense concerning all aspects of workers’ compensation