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Hey Denton Title!

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how fantastic of a job you guys do with your closings.

Late last week I drove to Louisville for a closing. The best way I can describe it was, “fast food” style. It was impersonal to our client. It took about 15 minutes and nothing was explained. The professional and personal style closing that I had to come to expect as “normal” or industry standard, is not. Keep doing things the way you do! Keep treating your clients the way you do! You are doing it right! You ARE the standard!

Dennis M.

Paducah, KY

We were faced with foreclosing on a home we had personally financed.  The situation was more difficult because of our personal involvement with the homeowners. 

After months of negotiations with the homeowners, and having no results, we decided to seek legal counsel with Jay Matheny.  

Jay assessed our situation, was sensitive to our personal involvement, and guided us down a path of resolution. His expertise in foreclosure and eviction law gave us the confidence to know we were in good hands.  

He and his team did a wonderful job for us!

Doug P.

Paducah, KY

Amazingly knowledgeable and friendly law firm!!!  This office covers a WIDE spectrum of legalese.

However, if you’re looking for an Attorney to draw up wills, power of attorney, estate planning, etc., they are the people to call.  So impressed with the amazing and time efficient job done.  They definitely DON’T over charge OR over bill!!

Joshua H.

Paducah, KY

Thanks for your help with the Lease. We’re done! You were a huge help and clearly exceeded my expectations! You’re awesome!

Dennis R.

Paducah, KY

Steller work they are amazing. You truly deserve the best. You will come out on top. They work extremely hard for you. I wouldn’t recommend someone if they weren’t excellent.

Morgan P.

Paducah, KY

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the work Denton Law Firm has done for us. It’s a breath of fresh air to get good title work and explanations to existing issues.

Lee C.

Inlet Beach, FL